Foundations For Learning is pleased to announce that the 5th Teaching Assistant’s Course will begin in September 2014.

The course will take place on one Saturday per month at Hull?s School, Falkenstrasse 28a, Z?rich, and will be delivered by highly qualified staff from the Foundation as well as outside speakers who are acknowledged experts in their field. Each session will run from 09.00 until 13.00.

The cost per participant is CHF 2,000.-

In the first session, participants will receive two books written specifically for teaching assistants. These will be our core reference books, which will be supplemented by articles during the course and extracts relating to specific subject areas.

The content of the sessions is as follows:

Session 1 – September 13th
Introduction to the course
Course outline and expectations
Typical milestones in child development
The various roles and responsibilities of teaching assistants

Session 2 – October 25th
Ways of supporting students that encourage independent learning
Drawing up essential protocols for working with class teachers – how to avoid
difficult situations

Session 3 – November 22nd
Brain Based Learning: how we can use our knowledge of the ways children learn to guide our work with them
Attention: what exactly is it and how can we help students who
struggle to maintain their concentration and focus

Session 4 – December 6th
How to support reading
Reflective practice

Session 5 – January 10th
Writing difficulties: strategies that help
Behavioural difficulties

Session 6 – February 7th
Observing students in the classroom
Introduction to case study

Session 7 – March 14th
Sensory Integration: what it is and how we can identify and support students who have difficulties

Session 8 – April 18th
Children with autism
Reflective practice

Session 9 – May 30th
EAL Students
EAL / learning support / both? How can we decide?
Bi-lingual children

Session 10 – June 13th
Final threads

Some comments from recent course participants:

“…an excellent course based on contemporary schools of thought…I feel I am a more effective teaching assistant and will continue to look to the Foundation for additional augmentation to my learning.” M. Koch

“…a great learning environment with very interesting guest speakers.” M. Malcarney

“…vey professional and informative…delivered with great clarity in a relaxed environment…inspires one to think, question and further explore…relates theory to everyday classroom experiences.” M. Richards

We look forward to meeting and working with you, building up our mutual support network and providing you with the skills you need to be effective in your role as a teaching assistant.