Clicker 5 is used in more than 90% of UK primary schools to help develop writing skills. Polly Thomas is available to run after-school training for teachers.


Clicker is an award-winning literacy tool, used in over 90% of UK primary schools, which enables pupils of all abilities to significantly develop their reading and writing skills.

Clicker is a versatile, flexible resource that can be used to:

  • build reading and writing confidence
  • boost writing independence
  • develop vocabulary and spelling
  • create personalised activities quickly and easily
  • motivate and support learners with pictures
  • read work aloud
  • support curriculum development
  • develop english language learners literacy skills
  • support learners with special needs to read and write through its multi-sensory approach


Polly Thomas is a qualified and experienced learning support teacher who has used Clicker 5 extensively with students over many years. Polly is available to run hands-on, practical Clicker 5 workshops for learning support teams at your school.

A two-hour after-school workshop covers:

  • all the features of clicker 5 software, in depth
  • how Clicker 5 can be used to support writing
  • how Clicker 5 can be used to support reading
  • how to make on-screen personalised video and photo books
  • how to make curriculum resources

Polly will also share her knowledge of other learning support software she has found useful.

The cost of a workshop is CHF 350.