Sep 14 2019 - Nov 30 2019


08:00 - 18:00

Speech and Language Support for 5-11 Years old

Communication is a crucial skill for participating in school and community life. Studies have estimated that 1 in every 15* children will experience a diagnosable language difficulty that will impact their academic potential and wellbeing. In a class of 30, that’s 2 children.

Elklan is a UK-based organisation offering accredited training courses to improve your ability to communicate with your students, and to help you develop their ability to communicate with you.

Foundations For Learning is running ‘Speech and Language Support for 5-11s’ in Zürich this year. This is a course combining theory and practice for teachers, teaching assistants and support staff, to develop their skills to support students with their language, particularly those with language difficulties. This is especially useful when working with students with Autism, Speech Sound Disorders, Developmental Language Disorder, Literacy Difficulties, Dyspraxia, Global Developmental Delay, etc.

The course will be run by UK & Australia registered Speech-Language Therapist Belinda Mahendran. Accreditation is received upon course completion.

Come along to our free information session to find out more:
Saturday 24 August, 9:30 – 10:30am
Hull’s School (English College) Falkenstrasse 28A, 8008 Zürich (Near Zürich Stadelhofen)

Please email to register.

Hourly Schedule

Sat 14 September 2019

What is communication?
Improving Listening, Attention and Independent Learning Skills Sat 5 October: Sat 2 November: Listening, Memory and Understanding Spoken Language.

sat 5 October 2019

Modifying adult's speech
Modifying Adult’s Speech to Help a Child Understand Language Understanding Beyond Simple Sentences Promoting Vocabulary Development

Sat 2 November 2019

Encouraging expressive language
Encouraging Expressive Language and Narrative Development Promoting Effective Communication and Social Skills

Sat 30 November 2019

Supporting Children with Unclear Speech, and Exploring Literacy Management of Stuttering, and Final Project

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