Webinar on:

Learning with your Child-

Lockdown and Beyond

What I’ve learned about my parenting skills and my child’s learning during lockdown


June 3rd, 2020




19:30 – 20:45

Swiss Time



In this webinar, renowned behaviour and parenting expert Sue Cowley will explore the strategies that you can use to best support your child’s learning and physical/mental health during and after lockdown. She will give her top tips on managing behaviour and supporting learning at home, with a particular focus on helping children who have special educational needs. Sue will also examine how parents can move forwards as lockdown eases, supporting their children in the transition back to school.

In the current difficult situation, it is vital for parents to strike a balance and to help their children feel motivated and able to focus on learning, as well as maintaining a happy atmosphere in the home. This requires a tricky blend of structure, planning, resourcing and a focus on building self-regulation skills. Sue will explain how to balance these elements to maintain learning and support good family relationships. Sue Cowley welcomes questions beforehand. You can use the form on the right side to send your questions.

During the webinar, Sue will cover the following topics:

  • Learning During Lockdown: Strategies for making home education work for you and your children.
  • Routines and Structures: The importance of creating routines and structures to help your child focus their attention and feel safe and secure.
  • Maintaining Motivation: How to use your child’s interests to make learning seem like ‘child’s play’.
  • Building Self-Regulation: Self-regulation is crucial for good learning outcomes – what is it and how can you help your child develop it?
  • Behaviour Strategies: The key strategies that work for getting better behaviour, whatever the context.
  • Parenting Positives and Pitfalls: Looking at the positives of time spend home educating and exploring the classic pitfalls to watch out for.
  • Supporting Mental Health: How can we support our children’s mental health, and also our own, during the lockdown and as the lockdown eases?
  • Transitions: Best practice in transitions – how might these translate into the post lockdown world?

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Sue Cowley

Sue Cowley

Renowned behaviour and parenting expert

Sue Cowley is a UK based writer, presenter, teacher trainer and author of 30 books on education, behaviour and parenting. After qualifying as an early years teacher with a first class BEd (Hons), she taught in primary and secondary schools and in an international school overseas. Sue’s bestseller Getting the Buggers to Behave has been translated into ten languages and is a set text at many universities. Her guide for NQTs How to Survive your First Year in Teaching has been in print for over 20 years and is a firm favourite with new teachers.

Sue has written articles and columns for numerous educational publications, including the TES, Teach Primary, Early Years Educator and Nursery World. She has also written about her experiences as a home educator, in her book Road School. Sue was a regular presenter on Teachers TV and has featured in numerous education videos. She now combines writing with working internationally as a trainer and presenter. 

Sue has helped to run her local early years setting for the last ten years. Her latest books are The Ultimate Guide to Differentiation and The Ultimate Guide to Mark Making in the Early Years, published by Bloomsbury. Visit www.suecowley.co.uk to find out more.

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