Psychological Services

Many children and adolescents experience emotional or behavioural difficulties at some time. Others may experience difficulties with aspects of learning. With luck, such problems resolve quickly, but sometimes they require investigation, intervention or support.

Foundations for Learning has a well-established system of psychological support and assessment in a caring and friendly environment with experienced and highly qualified psychologists. We also offer support for parent and teachers and are able to provide tailor made workshops or training.

Psychological Support

We offer psychological support for children of all ages. Adult support is also available. Psychological support varies in form based on the specific needs of the child/adolescent or adult practitioners are working with and is discussed prior to support commencing. Common themes that form the basis of referral are low mood, worries, stress, relationship issues, bullying, obsessive behaviours, anger management and more general issues with dealing with the transition to a new country.

Parent/teacher consultation

Sometimes the most effective way to support a child or adolescent can be through supporting/empowering the people working with them on a daily basis. This can be the case for both younger children or older children/adolescents. Parent/teacher consultations provide a space to think about a child/adolescent with a highly trained professional in order to develop strategies and ideas for change at the level of the family, environment or system.

Psychological assessment

We offer a range of psychological assessment which can cover areas such as intellectual functioning (IQ), attention, memory and executive functioning. In class observations may also be used to supplement an assessment or as a stand-alone piece of work. Assessments tend to follow the same format of initial consultation, assessment with the child/adolescent, scoring and report writing and feedback to family (and school if appropriate).

Workshops and training

We offer workshops or training for organisations and schools on a range of different topics. Practitioners work closely with the client to ensure that the content is tailored to meet their needs. Topics covered in the past have included exam stress, understanding students who learn differently, basic counselling skills and supportive parenting.
Paul Decker

Paul Decker

Director of Psychological Services


Dr. Paul Decker (UK Trained Clinical Psychologist) is the Director of Psychological Services at Foundations For Learning. He oversees the work of the practitioners in this department and also undertakes his own clinical work.

Paul trained as a clinical psychologist in the UK and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (from University College London) and a Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (from the University of East London). He has been working as a psychologist for over 15 years across a range of populations, including children and adolescents (where his core work currently lies), people with learning disabilities and adults.

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