Psychological Support

Many children and adolescents experience emotional or behavioural difficulties at some time. With luck, such problems resolve quickly, but sometimes they require investigation and intervention before they become entrenched and more difficult to resolve, and because they may be symptoms of an undiagnosed learning difficulty. 

Emotional and behavioural difficulties

The following symptoms are an indication that professional psychological support may be beneficial:


Psychological Assessment, Consultation, Intervention and Training

Please don?t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about your child?s psychological well-being.  Foundations for Learning has a well-established system of psychological assessment in a caring and friendly environment, including consultation when necessary with experienced and highly qualified child psychologists. We prepare a single report that summarises our findings and a plan for intervention.  In addition we help parents, teachers and others to become active participants in the treatment plan.

You can contact Dr. Paul Decker directly if you wish with questions concerning psychological support.


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