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Due to  Covid-19 some FFL contact is online. The following additional conditions may  need to be accepted.

My child’s sessions from FFL may be held online.

If on-line, I  will arrange a space that affords the same privacy as face-to-face meetings.

Sessions will be charged at the usual rate as agreed in the original Terms and Conditions.

If a third party currently covers or contributes to the costs of these sessions, it is the responsibility of the parent to check whether this is still the case.

The terms and conditions can be viewed here

Terms and Conditions for Speech or Language Services at FFL

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We would like to know your employer's name for our statistical purposes.  We sometimes contact companies to ask for funding and it helps us to be able to show how often our services have been used. We NEVER share names of clients or personal data and all your information is treated with complete confidentiality. 

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