Initial Certification Training

Dates to be agreed with interested schools

SpellRead provides a clear path for the most struggling readers to master phonological automaticity and establish the foundation for reading success in all subject areas.

The programme improves reading fluency reliably across diverse populations, including students in special education, English language learners, and students more than two years below grade level, and is suitable for all ages. Once a student has completed the programme, the problem is solved for good. Research studies have demonstrated that SpellRead delivers substantial gains across grade levels and among students with differing ability levels.

SpellRead offers teachers comprehensive materials, on-going expert support, and accurate online progress monitoring ensure individual student success.

Foundations for Learning has negotiated a special offer with Pro-Ed, the owners of SpellRead, for 2013. This offer includes:

Teachers who are interested in training to become SpellRead instructors please contact Sylvia Leck.

Further information about SpellRead is available here and the course objectives and agenda are described in detail below.

Course objectives and agenda

Instructional Cycle of the Programme


Expected Learner Outcomes:

Linguistics Foundations

  • Know and articulate clearly the 44 sounds of English.
  • Deliver instruction in SpellRead?s engaging multi-sensory Phonemic activities (10) with some referencing for 2-3 activities.
  • Gain Automaticity in SpellRead?s speed-reading card packs, which are used to gauge the fluency development of students.

Active Reading

  • Be proficient in leading all 4 steps of the Active Reading process and know the Best Practices for each Step.

Writing Connections

  • Provide instruction on Writing Connections,
  • Provide constructive, and responsive feedback to student?s writing and
  • Gauge student progress and tailor instruction in order to address student needs in writing.


Selection and Placement Of Students, Progress Monitoring


Expected Learner Outcomes:

Instructor Support System

  • Set up classes, input student information, and produce weekly reports on the Instructor Support System.
  • Gain access to instructional support, and resources (student reports, Active Reading summary guides, class growth reports, home reports, and student certificates).

Assessments and Placement

  • Be able to administer, use Woodcock Reading Mastery testing or comparable testing in order to select, form groups for instruction, and measure student progress.

Progress Monitoring

  • Be able to use SpellRead?s on-going assessment process and rubrics in order to measure progress, refine student skills, and tailor instruction to meet student needs.


Programme Delivery


Expected Learner Outcomes:

Manuals and

  • Know how to use the SpellRead Teacher?s Manual and materials in order plan effective intervention lessons.

Lesson Preparation

  • Prepare materials in advance to ensure smooth transitions during teach-back.

Lesson Delivery

  • During the teach-back, teachers complete activities within the expected range of time, provided effective error correction, and ensured that training partners used recommended techniques for phonemic activities.

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