Summer Special courses


Our core services will continue to run throughout the summer break meaning that assessments academic support, tutoring, speech and language therapy, educational consultancy, psychological support, and our autism spectrum disorder service will all be available.

In addition to these services, we would like to take the opportunity to let you know about some special summer courses we are offering.The quarantine period has been difficult for everyone and with this in mind, we are also offering the discounts for Reading/Spelling, Writing, and Maths Courses.

CHF 1800 per child for two weeks camp

Summer Math Camps

Our summer math camps are aimed to create a space where pupils have the opportunity to discover the beauty of math and enjoy while learning.

11 lessons for the price of 10 – CHF 1,500
23 lessons for the price of 20 – CHF 3,000

Reading / Spelling

FFL is able to offer SpellRead which is an intensive evidenced-based reading program designed to improve reading/spelling/writing skills. It is designed for students with dyslexia, students whose reading is below grade level, and students who are learning English. It is suitable for all age groups from 7 to adults.

11 lessons for the price of 10 – CHF 1,500


Solid writing skills are essential to academic success at high school and university level. Individual tutoring gives students the opportunity to develop tailored skills and methods and gain valuable practice in writing. Together we think about habits that hinder good written communication, learn and develop new skills, and put them into practice.

11 lessons for the price of 10 – CHF 1,500


FFL is offering a variety of IB Mathematics revision courses for Summer 2020 from highly qualified and experienced IB tutors. Courses will revise and practice what has already been learned and allow students to start the new academic year feeling confident and well-prepared. Programs can be tailored to the individual needs of students if there are areas that need consolidating. There are also options for group courses.

11 lessons for the price of 10 – CHF 1,500

Early Years Academic Language and Basic Numeracy

Foundations for Learning are offering children the chance to enhance their academic language and early numeracy skills, whilst having fun, learning at their own pace, and making new friends.

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