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At Foundations for Learning we strive to keep our tuition fees as low as possible and rely on the generous support of our current families, alumni families and friends to help us to continue to offer services and grow as a foundation.  We will thankfully accept your donations at any time.  As a registered foundation, all donations can be set against tax and we will always follow-up with an official letter confirming that you have donated and the amount.

If you choose to donate using our PayPal button and would like a confirmation letter, please check the box which allows us to see your postal address when processing the donation.

You can Also Make Donations At:

Account name: Stiftung für Lernen / Foundation for Learning
Bank: UBS Zürich, Bahnhofstrasse 45
Account No. 230-436585.01Y
IBAN: CH79 0023 0230 4365 8501 Y

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+41 (0)78 912 61 55

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