Support the education and development children

Donations are essential to the accomplishment of Foundations for Learning mission.  Through the kind generosity of our community we are able to undertake important tasks that range from covering operating budget shortfalls to supporting teacher continuing education and tuition assistance to making capital improvements like a new facility. At the Foundations for Learning we strive to keep our tuitions as low as possible and rely on the generous support of our current families, alumni families and friends of the school to help us meet our annual operating budget.

We will thankfully accept your donations at any time. Any and every little, or large, amount that you can offer will be most gratefully received, put to use in one of the most important endeavors there is: the education and development of your children.

You can make a donation at:

Account name:Stiftung für Lernen / Foundation for Learning
Bank: UBS Zürich, Bahnhofstrasse 45
Account No. 230-436585.01Y
IBAN: CH79 0023 0230 4365 8501 Y

or contact us to discuss sponsor options.

In total 137 institutions have sent at least one student towards FFL. Corporate Agreements ensure a preferred spot on the waiting list on entry. This enhances the International Mobility of high potentials and business critical leaders. Here some examples of companies who FFL helped with the support of f.e. expat children.