Talented & Gifted Programme

Children who have exceptional academic abilities or talents in sports or the arts deserve special attention. Fostering their skills is important of course, but in some cases, when children are significantly ahead of their peer group, they may have difficulties making friends, be unhappy and have behavioural problems, as well as being bored at school.


We start with a thorough assessment, often including in-school observation and psychological evaluation. This helps us to investigate the child?s specific talent and/or academic profile, which may be skewed in one direction, for example with very high scores in mathematics, while being within the expected range in other areas. We can also see how the child interacts with classmates and teachers in the classroom and playground.

The path to success

Our aim is to foster the child?s talents while helping him or her to develop the skills to navigate through life successfully.

We work with the child?s teachers to adapt the school curriculum, and when necessary, we recommend special tuition, coaching or extension programmes. In addition, we offer weekend workshops that allow students to pursue their passions or develop new interests. We also offer an individual mentoring program whereby a child with an exceptional talent or a particular area of interest is partnered with an adult who is an expert in that particular field.

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