Writing Skills

Individual tutoring in writing skills for high school & university students
Solid writing skills are essential to academic success at high school and university level. Individual tutoring gives students the opportunity to develop tailored skills and methods and gain valuable practice in writing. Together we think about habits that hinder good written communication, learn and develop new skills, and put them into practice.

Develop Skills in:

  • Analysing essay questions
  • Developing writing strategies
  • Planning, organising and structuring ideas, arguments & proposals
  • Communicating knowledge and ideas clearly
Kristin Fuchs

Kristin Fuchs

Professional Translator and Academic writing expert


Kristin Fuchs has taught English and French to students and adults in Switzerland for nearly 20 years, and is a professional translator. Kristin draws on her extensive experience as a teacher and tutor and on her own academic writing to help students develop easy-to-follow strategies that create a solid foundation for academic writing and self-confidence in written communication.


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