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How We Started

Foundations for Learning was established by Sylvia Leck in 2009 as a fully registered non-profit foundation in memory of her late husband, David.

Sylvia is a learning support teacher with over 30 years experience of teaching and had noticed that international families based in Zürich often struggled to find a full range of support services in English. The aim was to match the excellent support provided locally in German for English speaking families. From humble beginnings in a single room at the top of a pre-school, we have grown year on-year to offer services across Switzerland.

Where We Are Now

We have now worked with over 30 schools and have supported more than 600 students. We provide support to students and families across Switzerland with offices in the Zürich and Basel area. We also provide consultation to families and schools and run workshops and training for teachers and parents. We have a wide range of highly qualified practitioners working in disciplines such as teaching, psychology, behavioural analysis and speech and language

Values and Philosophy

Our guiding principle is to always work in a respectful, collaborative and professional manner to meet the needs of each individual.

We have seen time after time that when a student’s particular learning needs are not met their confidence and self esteem can be impacted.

As a team we are:

Dedicated to helping students reach their full potential by tailoring our programs to meet the individual needs of each student.

Our Team

Sylvia Leck

Sylvia Leck

Academic Director and CEO

Paul Decker

Paul Decker

Director of Psychological Services


“My first contact with FFL was in 2010. I was referred to Paul Decker as my son was experiencing a personal problem. The initial meeting with Paul Decker & Sylvia Leck was the start of a supportive journey for me personally. Paul worked wonders with my son, his caring personality & understanding of children won over not only my son but me too. Over the years I have turned to both Sylvia & Paul for advice, support & at times just someone who will listen. Their experience, knowledge & ability to deal with both children & parents is a strength of the Foundation. They are provide a supportive environment which allows for children to achieve their full potential.”

A Parent

“In establishing a special needs screening process for the company, we have worked closely with Foundations for Learning for the past six months. They have provided support throughout each stage of the process including professional development for teachers, use of identification checklists, and undertaking the actual screening of students. We have found them very professional to work with and their knowledge and expertise has been greatly appreciated. We will continue to work closely with them in the future.”

Janet Meister
Quality Development
SIS Swiss International School

“If you’re considering the TA course – do it! Every session was really insightful and interesting. The participants were a wonderful and diverse group of people and we had some brilliant group discussions. The presenters delivered the content really well and brought a lot of practical experiences to the discussions. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt that I developed not only professionally but personally too. Subsequent to the course I have gone on to do some assistant learning support through FFL. Overall, a great experience which I would highly recommend!”

Teaching Assistant Participant

“I found the Teaching Assistant’s course offered by the Foundations for Learning to be the perfect mix of theoretical input, practical examples and stimulating exercises.  Over tens sessions, we learned about the role of a teacher’s assistant, as well as about fundamental aspects of child education. In addition to the content itself, what made this course particularly unique for me was the variety of professionals involved and how I got to learn about each topic directly from an expert in the field. And of course, a part from firing up our neurons on Saturday morning, we had plenty of laughs and fun! I can definitely say that if I had not already, I would take this course again.”

Teaching Assistant Participant

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