sylvia_leckFoundations for Learning was established by Sylvia Leck in 2009 as a non-profit foundation to provide educational support to families in the Zurich area with English-speaking children, or children who are learning in the English language. As an extension of this objective, the Foundation also offers a regular programme of teacher training courses and seminars on learning support themes and also offers seminars on parenting and expatriate life.

During her 35-year career in Learning Support and Special Needs Education, Sylvia Leck has been an advocate for change and development in this important area of education. In addition to her teaching activities, she has served on the Committees for Special Education for the European Council for International Schools and the International Baccalaureate Organisation. She established the first branch of the British Dyslexia Association in Singapore and is a member of The British Dyslexia Association, The International Psychological Association (IPA) and The Orton Society (USA). Mrs Leck has one son who was educated in the IB Programme and is now working in London. Foundations for Learning was founded in memory of Sylvia’s husband, David Leck, who was a gifted and popular teacher at Zurich International School, and who died in 2008.

The Foundations for Learning is located on the first floor of the Ruegg Building in Zumikon. There are bright classrooms for teaching and consulting privately and in small groups. Our teacher workshops are held at the premises of international schools in the region.


Academic Director, Sylvia Leck, leads an extensive interdisciplinary team that includes learning support specialists, teachers, EAL teachers* and therapists. The competencies of our team are as diverse as the learning profiles we support.

Every member of our team holds internationally recognised teaching and/or therapy qualifications and is an experienced practitioner. Many of our specialists have worked in international and Swiss schools for a number of years. Together we are able to assess, advise and support any learning profile on a consultative basis as well as within the mainstream curriculum of the child’s school. We welcome applications from teachers, therapists and practitioners with appropriate qualifications and experience, who would be interested in joining us. Click here and read the bio’s from the team-members.


In total 137 institutions have sent at least one student towards FFL. Corporate Agreements ensure a preferred spot on the waiting list on entry. This enhances the International Mobility of high potentials and business critical leaders. Here some examples of companies who FFL helped with the support of f.e. expat children.


“Foundations for Learning is a valuable resource for Zurich International School (ZIS) students and faculty. We have referred many families to Foundations for Educational Testing, Academic Support and a wide variety of therapies. ZIS faculty have also benefited from the high quality educational presentations that Sylvia and Paul have offered. Our teachers trust Foundations and consider Sylvia and Paul very much part of the teams that support our students. Foundations for Learning offers a service like no other and is a tremendous asset to the greater Zurich community!”
Laurie Hawkins – Director of Student Support Services

“Any parent wants the best for their child. They worry that their child may not be doing as well in school or socially as other children. Sylvia and Paul helped us assess our child who has been experiencing some difficulties at school. Their independent assessment was both insightful and (in our case) reassuring to us that our child was ‘normal’ (whatever that is supposed to mean as children are always considered exceptional by their parents! It showed us areas where we could help in the development of our daughter as well as helping the school focus on her strengths and helping in her areas for improvement.”

“Thanks so much for the end of the year report and all your help in the last four months. Our daughter has not only been transformed into a very happy and more confident girl, but also most of her physical complaints like bellyaches etc. have disappeared too. An amazing and wonderful result in such a short period of time. And on top of that you found her a training position for her future career. Bravo, bravo, bravo fortissimo! Again, thanks for all you have done for our daughter, we are very grateful for your extraordinary achievements.”