Academic Support & Tutoring

Our teachers are available after school, at weekends and during school holidays.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help.

Numeracy and Literacy Programs

Foundations for Learning provides comprehensive support in mathematics and literacy skills for all ages, from gaining a feel for numbers and learning to read, through to differential calculus, fluent reading of literature at speed and beyond.

We are the only learning center in Europe licensed to offer SpellRead, a research-based and proven method for helping struggling readers. More information on SpellRead.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

As the international schools teach in English, students who are not native speakers have to master the language quickly so they can make friends and progress academically.  We have helped many children to become confident English speakers, readers and writers within a matter of months.

Mother-tongue Maintenance

While becoming fluent in English is a wonderful opportunity for children joining an English-speaking international school, students may also need to continue working on their mother-tongue skills so they can continue their studies later in their home country. Foundations for Learning arranges regular mother-tongue maintenance classes for all ages and most languages.

Subject-specific Tutoring

When part of the curriculum has been missed, or if a student just finds a subject difficult, tutoring can make a big difference. Sometimes one or two sessions are enough, but regular support is also available in all school subjects, including languages, sciences, humanities, mathematics and English.

Tutoring in preparation for exams, including IB, IGCSE and A Levels

Our teachers are familiar with the requirements of the major secondary education curricula and can provide tutoring and exam practice to help students achieve the grades they need for higher education.

In the weeks leading up to the exams in May each year we hold group revision classes in a number of subjects for 11th and 12th grade I.B. students.

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Talented & Gifted Program

Special support for children who have exceptional academic abilities or talents.

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