"Our Experience with Foundations for Learning has been most beneficial. Sylvia and Dr Paul Decker helped us and our son understand what we needed to focus on to help him achieve his potential at school. They were willing to work with us, our son and the school to enable a plan to be put into place to help him stay focused. They also provided an independent view of him which helped both us and the school to understand his individual needs. The process that we undertook with Foundations for Learning helped us and the school to see the complete picture of our child's learning profile. It was a very positive and constructive process, which was very focused and I believe will help our son now and in the future. I highly recommend Sylvia and her team."

"Any parent wants the best for their child. They worry that their child may not be doing as well in school or socially as other children. Sylvia and Paul helped us assess our child who has been experiencing some difficulties at school. Their independent assessment was both insightful and (in our case) reassuring to us that our child was 'normal' (whatever that is supposed to mean as children are always considered exceptional by their parents! It showed us areas where we could help in the development of our daughter as well as helping the school focus on her strengths and helping in her areas for improvement."

"Hi Sylvia. Thanks so much for the end of the year report and all your help in the last four months. Our daughter has not only been transformed into a very happy and more confident girl, but also most of her physical complaints like bellyaches etc. have disappeared too. An amazing and wonderful result in such a short period of time. And on top of that you found her a training position for her future career. Bravo, bravo, bravo fortissimo! Again, thanks for all you have done for our daughter, we are very grateful for your extraordinary achievements."

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